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The visualization is an integral part of our everyday life, from mobile phones displays more diverse design solutions meet all shapes and colors playing. In this difficult environment, in particular the appearance of organized exciting events lasting. The AV Control staff as we believe that an event will be truly memorable if the visual experience for the participants.

This is the experience that we offer our customers.

Privately owned, large indoor and outdoor projectors, our LED walls, video and audio devices park our trained staff will install and manage. 

We do not believe the standard solutions: partners to design the visual look and sound reinforcement needs. The resulting implementation of the plan, however we undertake ourselves fully until the event is concluded.

We continuously develop our asset base: in step with the visual and audio technology development. In addition to the technology we continuously train our staff to use the new technologies and solutions have to be aware of their appearance.

And so we have the experience together, which can make it special as the simplest, smallest event as well.

Try it for yourself!